Shared and sustainable mobility for universities and university centers

Thanks to our “tailor made” service, students and university staff can access a fleet of shared vehicles directly on or nearby campuses. Save time, money and contribute to environmental sustainability by transforming your academic community into a more livable and eco-friendly place.

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Discover the advantages of shared mobility

E-VAI offers a tailor-made and affordable sustainable car sharing service affiliated for the university. Join the revolution of mobility with E-VAI for the athens. Find how E-VAI longed changing local mobility one vehicle at a time thanks to our service "tailor made"!

Because it is convenient for universities
  • Extended network of parking lots
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Sustainability of environmental tourism
  • Service “All Inclusive" thoughtless
  • Access simple e convenient
  • Promotion e socialization
  • Rates clear e flexible
An extensive network of car parks

120 municipalities active throughout the Lombardy region, with dedicated car parks also in Lombardy railway stations and airports with over 300 stations in Lombardy, for greater freedom of movement.

Extensive network of car parks

With over 120 municipalities active throughout Lombardy, including railway stations and airports, we offer more than 300 stations for greater freedom of movement.

Reduction of operating costs

Share a car via E-Vai allows you to save on the costs of owning, maintaining and insuring a private vehicle.

Environmental sustainability

By using sustainable and low environmental impact vehicles, you will concretely contribute to reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions within your campus.

"All Inclusive" service to drive without worries

The service includes refueling, maintenance, comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance always available. Furthermore, you can always count on our 7 day a week customer support service made up of qualified operators.

Simple and convenient access

Thanks to our user-friendly platform, students and university staff can book and use cars quickly and easily, directly from campuses.

Promotion and socialization

The car sharing service encourages socialization between students and staff, promoting the sharing of resources and collaboration for a more cohesive university community.

Clear and flexible rates

We offer competitive and flexible rates, with hourly options for short trips and daily offers for full day use.




Join the revolution

The solution of sharing mobility tailored for your business! A model of mobility sectors environmentally friendly favors community more and more inclusive e be sustainable.


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Official App

Your access key

Thanks to the Official App, available for iOS and Android systems, you can use your smartphone to manage all the features of the service safely and easily.

E-VAI Point

Discover all the car parks

A widespread network of car parks and charging stations allow you to move without worries throughout the region. Furthermore, you can freely use our cars throughout the European Union and Switzerland.


Why choose smart mobility

Sharing is the simplest and most sustainable expression of moving. This is why we have developed a smart mobility service, even near you!

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