Social media policy

E-Vai is active on social media, with dedicated pages and channels across

Any other profiles that make references to E-Vai (in their title, content or logo) are not official profiles.


E-Vai uses social media to inform, communicate and interact with users, in the spirit of transparency and sharing.


Content published by E-Vai on social media includes initiatives and events, news on services and products, tenders and notices, press releases, company images and videos. Content can be reused as desired, but the original channel on which they were first posted must always be credited.

Information shared is to be considered official but not always exhaustive; therefore, where possible, please consult the specific sections on the website.

By using the power of social media, E-Vai is able to share content and messages in the public interest and re-share content posted by third parties (Institutions, local bodies, online media, etc.).

In these cases, the E-Vai editorial team verifies the reliability of the source but does not certify its content.

Advertising and promotions positioned near or beside content published on E-Vai social media profiles are not controlled by the company. This is organised independently by the social network in question.

Comments and posts made by users, who should always include their name and surname, represent individual opinions and not the opinion of E-Vai, who cannot be held responsible for the veracity of anything shared by third parties.

Rules regarding moderation processes can be found in the “Moderation and interaction with users” section.


E-Vai manages the space for communication and interaction on its social media profiles and asks that users respect certain rules. Users are able to actively participate through comments and messages.

Users are asked to express their opinion in a polite and measured manner and to respect the opinions of others. Insults, vulgarity, offences and threats will not be tolerated. Any such posts will be removed.

Violent content and content that discriminates based on gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal beliefs, ethnicity and disability are also forbidden.

Content published must respect personal privacy; messages containing personal data (email addresses, telephone numbers, tax codes, etc.) will be removed to protect the privacy of those involved.

All topics discussed must be in the public interest: E-Vai platforms may not be used to discuss personal issues or to publicise, spam or promote private interests or illegal activities.

In the most serious cases, the editorial team responsible for managing the profiles reserves the right to delete content, block users from accessing its platforms and report them to the moderation teams of the social networks in question.


E-Vai social media profiles are managed during working hours.

All comments and messages sent by users are monitored by our editorial team, who will make an effort to reply within a timeframe that corresponds to the nature of the request and in the most pertinent way possible.

There are no minimum or maximum response times.

Given that not all the issues can be tackled and resolved over social media, there is an email address and form on the website that users can use to send observations and make requests.

In the event that technical and/or administrative aspects (not linked to requests for help) require more in-depth attention, users will be invited to get in contact with us using the freephone number.


The personal data of users will be processed in accordance with the policies in place on the platforms in question.

Data shared by users via private messages will be processed in accordance with Italian privacy regulations.