E-Vai Public is the service dedicated to public administration and the general public. Cars are available to municipal authorities for all operational requirements during working hours. The public can book cars during the remaining slots and at weekends.


E-Vai Public is the only regional service which also has a focus on small and medium-sizes Municipalities.

The service is also available for apartment blocks, residential complexes, hotels and resorts.

These facilities can have access to cars, charging points and booking systems so that they can manage all the requests simply and practically, offering a convenient and cheap mobility service.

E-Vai Public offers a huge range of benefits:

  • Savings through sharing
  • Reduced traffic and CO2 emissions
  • Free access to ZTL and C areas*
  • Free parking on blue and yellow lines*
  • Access to E-Vai network of over 100 points in Lombardy

*In participating Municipalities

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