Easy Station

E-Vai Easy Station is the service designed for commuters and public/private companies located near to railway stations. Using the service alone or as part of a car pool with colleagues, commuters can travel to the railway station in the E-Vai car and catch the train to go to work. During the day, the car is used by companies based near to the station for other work-related requirements. In the evening, the commuter picks up the car to return home and is able to use it over the weekend.


E-Vai Easy Station offers a huge range of benefits:

For commuters:

  • Savings on costs associated with owning a car (insurance, tax, maintenance, fuel)
  • Guaranteed parking at the railway station

For companies:

  • Optimal use of company fleet of cars
  • Guaranteed free parking at the railway station
  • Savings through sharing

For all:

  • Free access to ZTL and C areas*
  • Free parking on blue and yellow lines*
  • Access to E-Vai network of over 100 points in Lombardy
  • Reduced traffic and CO2 emissions

*In participating Municipalities

Easy Station Plus

E-Vai is one of the 15 partners of CarE-Service, the European project set up by the Horizon2020 programme, which aims to develop and promote innovative circular economy business models for application in the sustainable mobility sector.
These business models are based on the reuse, re-manufacturing and recycling of components and materials from hybrid and electric vehicles for applications in the automotive industry and other sectors.


E-Vai has developed, as part of the CarE-Service project, a shared mobility model based on certain fundamental principles:

  • 24/7 security and assistance;
  • Exclusive use of the parking areas at the FNM group’s Lombardy train stations;
  • Integrated service with local rail transport
  • Vehicle sharing, which replaces the concept of personal car ownership;
  • Provision of a highly personalised mobility service to meet various mobility needs based on the customer’s target (private individual or company, groups)

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Easy Station