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The solution for a sustainable integrated mobility network

E-VAI It is proposed as the ideal solution for municipalities and public administrations who wish to offer a shared mobility service with low environmental impact. In addition to increasing the attractiveness of the area, E-VAI connect your municipality to the provincial capital, to Lombardy airports and to the main railway stations. It also offers the possibility of connecting the hamlets to each other and to your municipality, creating an integrated mobility network.

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Discover the advantages of shared mobility

E-VAI represents a complete and customized solution for public administration, offering a shared, sustainable and sustainable mobility service efficient. Through the introduction of smart mobility and the use of electric cars, municipalities can increase the attractiveness of the territory, contribute to ecological transition and optimize the use of municipal fleet. Choose today E-VAI to promote sustainable mobility in yours community.

Because it is convenient for public administration
  • Reduction of costs
  • Efficiency in fleet management
  • Blast Chilling of CO2 emissions
  • Promotion of sustainable mobility
  • Modernization of public services

A flexible service that adapts to the needs of the community, you will be able to choose how many car sharing stations to activate in the area (including hamlets), how many cars E-VAI introduce into the car fleet, and the methods of sharing vehicles between municipal employees and citizens.

Not just common, but also organizations, university, hospitals e condominium complexes. Our car sharing service is suitable for all communities that wish to move and travel by electric.
Cost reduction

The use of smart mobility allows you to reduce the management and maintenance costs of your vehicle fleet.

According to a market analysis, the implementation of smart mobility can lead to a reduction in operating costs of up to 40% for public administrations.
Efficiency in fleet management

E-VAI offers a centralized management system that allows public administrations to monitor and control the use of vehicles efficiently.

This allows you to optimize work missions, reduce downtime and maximize the use of available resources.
Reduction of CO2 emissions

By using 100% electric cars, smart mobility actively contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the commitment to sustainable mobility.

According to recent data, the adoption of smart mobility can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to the use of private vehicles.
Promotion of sustainable mobility

By offering the smart mobility service, public administrations promote a change towards more sustainable mobility in the community.

This can positively influence the image of the municipality, increasing the citizen satisfaction and attracting investments.
Modernization of public services

The introduction of smart mobility represents a step towards the modernization of public services offered by administrations.

This helps improve the efficiency and accessibility of public transport, offering a shared and sustainable mobility option.
Public administration



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The solution of sharing mobility tailored for your business! A model of mobility sectors environmentally friendly favors community more and more inclusive e be sustainable.


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Sharing is the simplest and most sustainable expression of moving. This is why we have developed a smart mobility service, even near you!

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