Interreg Progect


The Municipality of Sondrio, Comunità Montana Valmalenco, E-VAI, Politecnico di Milano, Repower, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Anci Lombardia, and Regione Bernina, are participating in the European project LIVELINESS -LIVing lab pEr La mobIlità traNsfrontaliEra Sostenibile incluSiva: a project under Axis 3 of the programme, “Integrated and Sustainable Mobility”, which aims to improve mobility in cross-border areas through actions to increase accessibility and integration of networks and the attractiveness of public services to spread sustainable mobility.

The project

Given the challenges related to mobility and social inclusion that the Valtellina region, first of all, and Val Poschiavo, as a secondary consequence, will have to face in the next five years with the presence of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, it is necessary to address in a shared and innovative way the problem of connection and accessibility of these areas by providing effective, modern and versatile mobility services.

Liveliness responds to these needs with a Living Lab focused on the implementation of sustainable and inclusive cross-border mobility solutions aimed at increasing the connectivity and competitiveness of the mountain areas of the Valtellina, Val Poschiavo and Bernina Cluster.

The objectives through these actions are:

the reduction of inconveniences caused by inefficient public transport, which does not meet the mobility needs of commuters in the area;

the reduction of road congestion that affects the border area every day, thanks to the implementation of the carpooling system;

the development and use of the network of electric recharging infrastructures, which have already been implemented in the Bernina and Poschiavo areas.

Technical details

The realisation of a Living Lab for cross-border sustainable mobility allows to implement and test a transit network, extended and capillary, based on electric car-sharing and soft mobility solutions able to offer travellers diversified, reliable and accessible possibilities in full integration with local public transport LIVELINESS activates and tests a cross-border circular ring for mobility services, 100% sustainable and shared, meeting the needs of users (commuters, tourists, residents, etc.). The cross-border concept and value is therefore the soul of the project, which operates in both Valtellina and Valposchiavo implementing, among other things, these actions:

the enhancement of intermodality between train, electric cars, bicycles and other electric means of transport for the capital of Valtellina;

the creation of infrastructure for the promotion of soft mobility in the capital of Valtellina with the construction of a bicycle station;

the connection of the urban and belt area of Sondrio and Valmalenco through 100% sustainable transport;

the integration of the mobility of Valtellina and its capital with that of the Lake Como area by providing an innovative and exclusive mobility service dedicated to tourists and residents.