Shared mobility on a pay-as-you-go basis where you only pay for the hours of use

PayPerUse it is an innovative service that allows the use of the entire network of vehicles available to the public throughout the country independently and upon reservation. Take advantage of hourly or daily rentals with dedicated parking in all the main locations in Lombardy, including the 3 main airports and numerous railway stations.

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The product

What does it include

  • A fleet of modern cars to meet different needs.
  • Access to a vast network of car sharing stations throughout Lombardy for maximum comfort e convenience.
  • Assistance customers 24/7 included, to answer any questions or support requests.
  • Contribution active in the promotion of sustainable mobility and the reduction of pollution.
  • Service “All Inclusive" which comprises refueling, maintenance, comprehensive insurance e roadside assistance.

Exclusive advantages

Simplicity of management

Customers PayPerUse they can purchase a mobility credit and use an unlimited number of drivers within their structure, monitoring reservations, uses, costs, without having to manage expense reimbursements.

Flexible payments

We offer flexible payment options to guarantee maximum convenience to customers, optimizing the management of their people's mobility.

Special offers and promotions

Our customers PayPerUse receive exclusive access to special offers and promotions, including discounted rates and promotional packages to encourage continued use of the service.

Customer service

A dedicated specialist team is available to assist users with any questions or needs relating to the service.

Why do you need it?

Economic saving

Using the service PayPerUse, customers use cars E-VAI when they are needed, where they are needed, paying only for the hours booked at the best market rates without having to worry about additional costs for charging/refueling and parking in the main cities.

Environmental commitment

Contributing to a greater use of shared vehicles with low environmental impact customers PayPerUse actively support the fight against air pollution and emissions harmful to our planet.

User satisfaction

Spacious and comfortable cars, no waiting for the pick-up and return of the vehicle which takes place directly from the mobile app, ease of use and services included are some of the aspects that are appreciated by users of the service.

Operational flexibility

We offer flexibility and convenience to meet the mobility needs of businesses and individuals. Full freedom of movement according to individual specific needs.

How to activate it?

We are ready to guide you towards a future of efficient business mobility tailored to your needs. To activate the service, simply follow a few simple steps.


Fill out the form

The first step is to fill out the information request form you find on this page. Provide the requested information and specify your company's needs.

Schedule a meeting

Our sales department will contact you to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. You will have the opportunity to explore the service in detail and receive personalized, tailor-made advice.

Personalize the offer

Once your decision is confirmed, our team will proceed to define a personalized contract for your mobility needs.

Join the revolution

The solution of sharing mobility tailored for your business! A model of mobility sectors environmentally friendly favors community more and more inclusive e be sustainable.