The complete solution for the shared management of your company fleet

Explore the complete and cutting-edge service to manage your company car fleet efficiently and without complications. With our customized solution, you can optimize management costs, improve efficiency, increase productivity and ensure the safety of your employees.

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The product

What does it include

  • Blackbox e platform, compatible with your fleet cars.
  • Monitoring in real time of the fleet.
  • Planning optimized uses.
  • Reservation request , opening and closing car from Mobile App.
  • Definition of time slots corporate mobility e private mobility.
  • Management preventive maintenance and interventions.
  • Analysis learn more about consumption and on efficiency.
  • Advanced tools of reporting e data analysis.

Exclusive advantages

Efficiency optimization

Optimize routes, reduce downtime and maximize the use of your vehicles.

Cost reduction

Identify inefficiencies, save on fuel, maintenance and management of your fleet.

Greater control

Monitor the location of vehicles, their status and key performance indicators in real time.

Custom report

Custom reports that offer a detailed view of your fleet's performance.

Why do you need it?

Operational efficiency

Simplify the daily management of your fleet, eliminating complexity and reducing planning times.

Economic saving

Identify and optimize business management maximize the value of your investment.

Preventive maintenance

Reduce downtime through scheduled and preventative maintenance. Avoid additional costs resulting from sudden breakdowns, ensuring continuous and efficient operation of your fleet.

Advanced data analysis

Take advantage of advanced data analytics to make more informed decisions. Thanks to our in-depth processing, you will gain valuable insights to continue improving the performance of your fleet over time.

How to activate it?

We are ready to guide you towards a future of efficient business mobility tailored to your needs. To activate the service, simply follow a few simple steps.


Fill out the form

The first step is to fill out the information request form you find on this page. Provide the requested information and specify your company's needs.

Schedule a meeting

Our sales department will contact you to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. You will have the opportunity to explore the service in detail and receive personalized, tailor-made advice.

Personalize the offer

Once your decision is confirmed, our team will proceed to define a personalized contract for your mobility needs.

Join the revolution

The solution of sharing mobility tailored for your business! A model of mobility sectors environmentally friendly favors community more and more inclusive e be sustainable.