Private citizens

The offer dedicated to private mobility

We have developed a station based car sharing service with widespread coverage throughout the Lombardy region. We bring car sharing even to small towns and create social inclusiveness among people thanks to sustainable mobility. Only if we are connected to each other can we feel part of a community.

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Il servizio

Discover the advantages of shared mobility

If you are a private citizen who wants to move with ease and respect for the environment, we have created a smart mobility service tailor-made for you. With a capillary coverage throughout the territory, 3 Lombardy airports e 45 railway stations with dedicated parking lots, E-VAI it is the ideal solution for your mobility needs. Our service includes two offer methods to adapt to your needs. If you only need a car for a few hours, you can opt for the hourly offer, if you prefer to have the car for the whole day, you can choose the daily offer.

Territorial coverage
  • 45 railway stations throughout Lombardy for intermodal connections
  • 3 Lombardy airports to serve national and international connections in the area
  • Parking dedicated e charging columns
Freedom to travel
  • Explore new horizons: travel freely in XNUMX-XNUMX business days and Switzerland
  • Move freely: end the rental at the same starting point or at the main ones railway stations e Lombardy airports
Clear and flexible rates
  • New/Used Offer hourly: the solution for short trips
  • New/Used Offer daily: a car at your disposal for the whole day
Comfort and convenience
  • Return at no additional cost: return to the same rental location
  • Strategic drop-off options: the railway stations of the provincial capital
Sustainable commitment
  • Sharing for a better future: reduce the number of cars on the roads
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: a step towards greener mobility

How does it work?


Register or log in

Download the official app and then register by providing a copy of your driving license.

Choose a car

Selecting the date and time of collection and the place of delivery. Choose from a wide range of available vehicles and customize your trip to suit your needs.

Get on board

Collect your car and prepare for an unforgettable driving experience. Follow our provided guidelines and enjoy the freedom to explore new places in complete safety and comfort.
Official App

Your access key

Thanks to the Official App, available for iOS and Android systems, you can use your smartphone to manage all the features of the service safely and easily.

E-VAI Point

Discover all the car parks

A widespread network of car parks and charging stations allow you to move without worries throughout the region. Furthermore, you can freely use our cars throughout the European Union and Switzerland.


Why choose smart mobility

Sharing is the simplest and most sustainable expression of moving. This is why we have developed a smart mobility service, even near you!

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