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The culinary tradition of Lombardy has nothing to envy that of other regions and its autumn festivals demonstrate this.

Una gastronomic tradition Italian that is well suited to the autumn season is certainly that Lombard. From the Po Valley to the most unreachable Alpine refuges, Lombardy offers aromas and autumn flavors unique, to which it is difficult to say no.

A tradition that is enhanced every year by the Lombardy municipalities with the organization of feast e sagre, capable of attracting gourmets from far beyond the borders of Lombardy.

Electric car sharing E-VAI: a perfect solution for Lombard gourmets

The best solution sustainable, comfortable and convenient to reach the squares and historic centers that are the protagonists of the festivals electric car sharing E-VAI.

E-VAI it is an alternative service to car ownership thanks to the widespread presence of vehicle pick-up and return stations throughout the regionrental of an electric vehicle, for a few hours or for a whole day, will therefore allow anyone to quickly reach all the festivals.

All aboard E-VAI, therefore, to enjoy this tour among DOP cheeses, unrivaled mustards, traditional legumes, seasonal fruit and unmissable desserts, all accompanied by an excellent glass of wine, which is never lacking in Lombardy.

Here, then, the Lombard festivals which will fill even the most melancholy of October weekends with smiles and flavours.

The Mostra del Bitto is staged in Morbegno for the 115th time

It starts with a DOP cheese among the best and most territorial in Italy. Bitto is a unique pearl of Valtellina and of Morbegno, so much that the Bitto Exhibition it is one of the most anticipated autumn events in the Bergamo valleys.

Obviously, there will be no shortage of opportunities to appreciate and purchase the famous cheese and the many flavors of Valtellina at the stands of local producers in the market set up in Piazza Sant'Antonio, right in the historic center of the city, or sitting at the tables of bars and restaurants to taste the DOP menus and Cheese Hours.

Among the new features of this 2022 is also the possibility of becoming a Judge for a day, following the advice of the Onaf tasters (National Organization of Cheese Tasters).

The 115th Bitto Exhibition awaits visitors and their demanding palates on the weekend of 15-16 October 2022.

The Cremona Mostarda Festival celebrates its 8th year

The advice for the continuation of the tour is to enjoy a piece of seasoned Bitto, to be accompanied by another typical product of Lombardy: mustard.

Takes place in Cremona from 15 October to 30 November Mustard Festival, now in its 8th edition entitled “Mustard itineraries”. A simple and tasty way to celebrate the origins of this product and its territory.

They will not fail cultural events, meetings and tastings of the product in all its most creative and intriguing declinations, proposed by chefs, food critics, restaurateurs and local production companies.

Fasulin de l'öc cun le cudeghe: Pizzighettone presents its flagship again

For those who are not from Lombardy it will perhaps sound a little complicated to pronounce the name of this traditional specialty Pizzighettone.

Let's stay in Cremona area, this time with a party dedicated to a poor dish, whose protagonist is the so-called "black-eyed pean", an exquisite variety of bean present in the area even before the appearance of the larger and more well-known beans, and today produced by a local farm in a quantity of up to 80 quintals.

The ancient recipe, jealously guarded and handed down by the grandmothers of Pizzighettone, involves the combination of these small white beans with the "eye" black at pork rinds.

All that remains is to take a seat in the ancient and peculiar casemates of Pizzighettone, where in the past the soldiers stayed, and grab the steaming bowl of green beans which, once upon a time, innkeepers offered free to the poor during the period of death.

Il Fasulin de l'öc cun le cudeghe awaits curious forks to try this specialty on the 29th, 30th and 31st of October and the 1st, 5th and 6th of November.

Sbrisolona&Co.: the festival of Mantuan sweets that you can't say no to

After the aperitif with bitto and mustard and a bowl of beans and rinds, the time has come to think about the sweetest of endings: the cake.

To taste some excellent ones, it's worth driving to Mantova and participate in the unmissable 1st edition of Sbrisolona&Co., the festival dedicated to the queen of Mantua cakes, the sbrisolona, ​​and her equally tasty "courtesans".

Mantua declares itself, therefore, ready to become one of the national capitals of desserts, by virtue of its centuries-old excellences, often intertwined with the historical events of the city.

And, then, if the crumble Cake, with its typical crumbly consistency, will be the first cake to be devoured down to the last crumb, the advice is to also try the other pillars of Mantua pastry making: the rose cakegreek pieelvezia cake,Monaco ring Sandy Cake.

The appointment with Sbrisolona&Co., for all those who can't say no to a good dessert, is in the historic center of Mantua between Friday 14th and Sunday 16th October.

The destination matters, but it's how you travel that makes the difference

October weekend around Lombardy they are, therefore, ready to give tasty sensations to anyone who wants to spend a day dedicated to good traditional cuisine.

Yet, if it is true that an engaging and tasty Lombard festival can be the most inviting of experiences, it is equally true that how to reach it can give just as many satisfactions, as well as benefits to the environment in the long term.

Traveling with an electric car E-VAI can, in fact, give a real contribution to the well-being of the environment in terms of reduction of polluting emissions and, consequently, it can bring benefits to the entire community, the territory and its products.

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