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Day visit to the New Galleries: the largest permanent exhibition dedicated to Leonardo, the engineer, humanist and investigator of nature, awaits visitors.

If he were still among us today, Leonardo da Vinci would probably be proud of Milano. The city is evolving according to technological and sustainable principles which affect various areas, which are decisive in improving the quality of life of those who live there.

Road mobility is an example of this: with i sharing mobility services, the city is trying to reduce traffic and improve air quality and Milanese life.

Leonardo da Vinci, the inventor of the zero-emission car

We know that Leonardo was an engineer when it came to new ways of moving he was able to think of one and design a hundred: from prototypes of helicopters to those of winged flying machines, up to the projects of real tanks, the Florentine genius left a lot of material for posterity.

And if these examples were not enough, perhaps it will be quite surprising to know that Leonardo da Vinci also invented the automobile. It was a self-propelled cart designed to move without being pushed. Thanks to spiral springs, then, his proto-vehicle haseva including pre-programmed braking and steering systems. In short, today we would define it a zero emissions car.

It would not be surprising, therefore, today to see Leonardo well impressed by the modern electric cars, which represent, just like his self-propelled pot carteva to be for the time, thepinnacle of current technology in terms of road mobility.

E-VAI recommends the permanent exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci

So who better than E-VAI, the service of fully electric car sharing, can recommend a trip to Milan to get to know better a character with revolutionary choices.

The opportunity is provided by them New Leonardo da Vinci Galleries, inaugurated in Milano to accommodate the most large dedicated permanent exhibition to the Tuscan engineer and humanist who, right in the city, at the Sforza court, left an indelible mark on Milanese architecture, urban planning and art. For the occasion, the New Galleries have renewed the historic 1953 exhibition.

What awaits the visitor, therefore, is a spectacular scenography, made up of immersive installations, historical models, works of art and ancient volumes, which will accompany the visitor on a journey through Leonardo's great and varied production of writings, artefacts, projects and drawings, in an exhibition area of ​​over 1.300 mXNUMX.

The exhibition focuses on the figure of Leonardo engineer, the Leonardo nature scholar and humanist, intelligently placing it in the Renaissance context in which he lived, made up of science, art, technique and philosophical thought.

A unique and unmissable way to rediscover, from a very particular perspective, universal meanings such as desire for knowledgeability to observe nature and lateral thinking which were the founding bases of Leonardo's work.

E-VAI wishes to inspire new generations to evolve towards the future

So, a day trip to Milan it can turn into a journey into history and science, but it can also represent a source of inspiration for all new generations driven by the desire to experiment, to innovate and to always look forward, evolving.

It is precisely in this spirit that E-VAI it is proposed as a service Useful to set out to discover Leonardo da Vinci and all the values ​​he still represents today.

Reach the New Leonardo da Vinci Galleries from every corner of Lombardy

Reach Milan with an electric vehicle, with low environmental impact, and moreover in sharing, it is perhaps the choice smarter that each of us can do.

The possibility of get to the city from several municipalities in Lombardy, thanks to lots E-VAI Point present in Milan and throughout the region, including railway stations and airports, it is an incentive for all Lombard citizens to move in a new way and to think outside the boxes envisaged by the classic "car ownership".

And we are sure that, that of use an electric vehicle in car sharing, it would be a choice that Leonardo da Vinci would appreciate it.

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