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The advice of E-VAI: here are 5 ways to spend the long weekend in the shadow of the Madonnina.

If there is a perfect city to fully enjoy the Immaculate Conception, it is Milan.

First of all, because here the bridge lasts longer, also being able to take advantage of the feast of the Patron Saint Ambrose, and then because in the 5 days that it will last this year, there are very special activities and events in which you can participate. And so, while the Milanese take advantage of the long bridge to spend a few days out of town among various Christmas markets, surrounded by innsevayou Lombardy Alpine atmospheres, the rest of Lombardy might find it interesting to reach Milan and take advantage of a truly special Christmas atmosphere with varied possibilities.

Shopping, art, culture and sport: the lights of the Immaculate Conception are turned on in Milan

And if last year E-VAI has recommended the 5 best places in Milan to go shopping at Christmas, this year it recommends different, more varied activities dedicated to lovers not only of shopping, but also of sport, art and culture, starting with an event unmissable which in Milan marks the real beginning of the Christmas season.

The most famous tree in Milan is in the Duomo

Since Expo 2015 ended and the hyper-technological Tree of Life was definitively extinguished, it is another plant that conquers, every year, the record of "the most famous tree in Milan".

The December 7, the day dedicated to Sant'Ambrogio, in fact, is held there traditional lighting of the Christmas tree. Thousands of fairy lights decorate the enormous fir tree installed right there in front of at the Milan Cathedral and the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, leaving tourists and passers-by speechless.

An event not to be missed which is always held every year at 19 pm and which officially decrees thestart of the countdown to December 25th in Milan.

Milan is tinged with colors in its best museums

And from an external environment full of joy and colored lights, we move indoors and to many other colors, these on canvas, of some of the places of art which, at least once in your life, you should visit: the museums of Milan.

So why not do it during the long weekend?

The choice, in this case, is more than varied, starting from the queen of permanent exhibitions, the Pinacoteca di Brera, to get to the unmissable guided tour of Last Supper, passing through the exhibition “The advertising of form” about Andy Warhol at Steam Factory and to the one in Bicocca Hangar by Bruce Nauman”Neon Corridors Rooms".

Just some, obviously, of the many possibilities offered by the city, which offers other very respectable exhibitions Museo del Novecento,  Morando Museum, a Royal Palace,  Mudec...

Do shopping differently in the Milan of fashion

There is no shortage, then, in Milan possibility of shopping during the long weekend of the Immaculate Conception. But if the city of fashion is known for the classic high-spending shopping on the big Red Carpet brands, the Christmas alternative and decidedly cheaper is the historic Obej Obej market.

A true Milanese tradition born in honor of Sant'Ambrogio and dating back to 1288, which was once heldeva in the Santa Maria Maggiore area, while today it has been moved in front of the Sforzesco Castle.

Here, you can shop between stalls selling “bric-a-brac”, antiques, clothing and games, as well as tasting mulled wine and typical products, cooked on the spot in large steaming pots with inviting aromas.

Skate on the water in the Mysterious Baths

And after art and culture, a more sporting proposal to make this Immaculate Conception even more memorable, with Milan filled with ice skaters.

The places involved in this activity are: Indro Montanelli Public Gardens, where the ice rink winds its way through centuries-old trees and Christmas stalls, and Mysterious Baths, in Porta Romana.

The latter, true masterpiece swimming pools, are transformed into a swimming pool in December Christmas village celebrating, In which the skating ring, created in the center of the main pool, gives the sensation of skating on the surface of the water.

The First of the Scala

The tour recommended by E-VAI closes with a social and super-exclusive event which made Milan famous throughout the world. One of the historic theaters of Milan, La Scala, as every year, its opera season opens on December 7th. This year the curtain of La Scala will be opened by “Boris godunov” by Modest Petrovic Mussorgskij, directed by maestro Riccardo Chailly.

To make the event even more special, the initiative First Broadcast, which for several years now has involved dozens of places in the city, making the work of La Scala accessible to all and which, this year, brings to another historic venue of Milanese culture, the Carcan Theater, an evening dedicated to the Prima della Scala, its history and the work of the "Boris Gudunov".

Reach Milan with electric car sharing E-VAI

In short, there are so many reasons to visit Milan during the long Sant'Ambrogio Bridge.

A piece of advice, that of reaching Milan and moving within it with a sharing electric vehicle, which is not accidental, because the city is investing heavily in traffic decongestion, environmental policies and alternative urban mobility to the owned car.
And what can make the visit even more comfortable and stress-free is reaching it with the electric car sharing service E-VAI.

In fact, you can start from any part of Lombardy by renting, for a few hours or for a whole day, a vehicle E-VAI and reach the capital in one of the 4 intermodal car parks: Central Station, Garibaldi Station, Cadorna Station and Rogoredo Station.
Furthermore, in Milan there are another 116 stations dedicated to E-VAI, parking areas reserved for service subscribers, where you can book and collect a car and enjoy it for as long as you need for your errands.
In short, with a shared electric vehicle, it will be possible during the long weekend experience the best of Milan, moving like a true Milanese.

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