How it works

E-Vai is a cheap and sustainable way of moving freely around Lombardy. Find out how to use the service in just a few, simple steps.

Register for the service
Choose your profile based on your needs and frequency of use. You'll need a copy of your:

  • Driving licence
  • ID card or passport
Register now.
Book a car
Book an available car. You can do this:
Unlock your car
Use the app to open the car or forward the SMS you've received to +39 334 632 4990 and the car will open within 30 seconds

PLEASE NOTE: You must not open the car before your hire start time.

Example message
Number plate: XY555ZY; Code 123PL; Operation: OPEN

You’ll find the following objects in the glovebox:
  • Vehicle charge card
  • Keys
If you scan the card on the charging point, the following message will appear: “Remove the plug”. Remove the cable from the car and the charging point and place it in the boot.

E-Vai cars are automatic. To turn the car on, put the key in and press the brake pedal when in position P.

Please note: you must press the brake pedal to turn on the car and alter driving settings.

D = drive; R = reverse; N = neutral; P = park (to turn the car on/remove the keys)
Dropping the car off
  • You should put the car back onto charge when you drop it off: each car contains instructions on how to open the charging cover.
  • Get the cable from the boot and insert into the charge point in the car.
  • Scan the blue charge card on the charge point sensor, select the type of plug you’re using (right or left) and confirm the operation.
  • Collega il cavo alla presa di ricarica della colonnina in base al lato che hai selezionato. Se la procedura è corretta sul display comparirà il messaggio In carica.
  • Put the keys and charge card back into the glovebox.
  • Find the message on your phone and copy the text, replacing the word open with the word close. Send the message to +39 334 632 4990, or use the E-Vai app.