How it works

E-Vai is a cheap and sustainable way of moving freely around Lombardy. Find out how to use the service in just a few, simple steps.

Register for the service
Scegli il profilo in base alle tue esigenze e allega una foto della tua patente. Register now.
Book a car
Book an available car. You can do this:
Unlock your car
Use the app to open the car and the car will open within 30 seconds

PLEASE NOTE: You must not open the car before your hire start time.

Inside the car you will find the vehicle’s keys in the dedicate tray, and if you have rented an electric car, the blue card for charging the veichole in the glove compartment.

If you scan the card on the charging point, the following message will appear: “Remove the plug”. Remove the cable from the car and the charging point and place it in the boot.

E-Vai cars are automatic. To turn the car on, put the key in and press the brake pedal when in position P.

Please note: you must press the brake pedal to turn on the car and alter driving settings.

D = drive; R = reverse; N = neutral; P = park (to turn the car on/remove the keys)
Dropping the car off
  • You should put the car back onto charge when you drop it off: each car contains instructions on how to open the charging cover.
  • Get the cable from the boot and insert into the charge point in the car.
  • Scan the blue charge card on the charge point sensor, select the type of plug you’re using (right or left) and confirm the operation.
  • Collega il cavo alla presa di ricarica della colonnina in base al lato che hai selezionato. Se la procedura è corretta sul display comparirà il messaggio In carica.
  • Put the keys back in the dedicated tray and the charging card in the glove compartment.To lock the vehicle correctly, make sure that the key is correctly stored and that the sensor emits four beeps.