Sustainable, easy and convenient mobility for patients and medical staff

We offer a tailor-made car sharing service at discounted prices for the healthcare sector, designed to improve mobility and quality of service for patients, medical staff and healthcare workers in your hospital facility.

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Discover the advantages of shared mobility

E-VAI, the car sharing company “green" of the FNM group (Ferrovie Nord Milano) is the right choice for a brighter future planet e efficient in the field sanitary. Optimize travel times medical staff e health workers and allow better management of company fleets. Additionally, you reduce air and noise pollution through the use of vehicles electrical o hybrids contributing to the fight against climate change.

Because it is convenient for healthcare facilities
  • Service assistance 24/7
  • Rates clear e flexible
  • Commitment of environmental tourism
  • Parking dedicated
  • Access simple e convenient
Simple and convenient access

Thanks to our platform guided by an app that is easy and intuitive to use, healthcare personnel can book and use cars quickly and easily, directly from the facility.

24/7 support service

We offer a dedicated customer support service supported by qualified staff 7 days a week, for any problem or question you can contact us with confidence.

Transparent and flexible rates

Offer clear and flexible car rental options, with hourly rates for short trips and daily rates to have a car available for the whole day.

Environmental commitment

By using sustainable and environmentally friendly cars, you will contribute to reducing air pollution and improving air quality in the surrounding areas.

Dedicated parking spaces

E-VAI provides reserved parking for your cars at hospitals, clinics and clinics. Furthermore, it offers a wide network with over 300 stations in Lombardy, healthcare personnel and their patients can enjoy greater freedom of movement, with dedicated parking also at healthcare facilities and the main assistance points.

Benefits for doctors and patients

Improve access to care
  • For patients: facilitates travel for visits, tests and therapies, even in areas with poor public transport.
  • For medical personnel: allows you to reach patients at home or in remote facilities with greater efficiency.
Reduce stress and anxiety
  • For patients: eliminates the worry of finding parking or having to drive in stressful conditions.
  • For medical personnel: facilitates travel management and reduces travel time.



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The solution of sharing mobility tailored for your business! A model of mobility sectors environmentally friendly favors community more and more inclusive e be sustainable.


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Official App

Your access key

Thanks to the Official App, available for iOS and Android systems, you can use your smartphone to manage all the features of the service safely and easily.

E-VAI Point

Discover all the car parks

A widespread network of car parks and charging stations allow you to move without worries throughout the region. Furthermore, you can freely use our cars throughout the European Union and Switzerland.


Why choose smart mobility

Sharing is the simplest and most sustainable expression of moving. This is why we have developed a smart mobility service, even near you!

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