Need help? Check out this list of FAQs.
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What is E-Vai Regional Electric?
How do I register for the service?
What documents do I need in order to sign up?
I’ve just got my driving licence. Can I use the service?
How do I pay?
How much does it cost to rent a car?
Is there a day rate?
Can I drop a car off at a different location to the one I picked it up from?
How do I book a vehicle? Can I cancel or alter my booking?
What happens if I drop off the car before the agreed time?
What range do electric cars have?
Do I need to leave the car full when I drop it off?
Is fuel included in the cost or do I have to provide that?
Can another person drive instead of me?
Can I transport pets or smoke in the car?
Can I travel out of Italy?
Is parking free?
How do I cancel my membership?
What happens if there is a problem?