I Share LIFE Project


E-Vai is one of the seven partners of the European I Share LIFE project funded as part of the Life programme.
Launched in 2018, the project is coordinated by FNM and involves not only E-Vai, but also NordCom, Consorzio Poliedra, Dyvolve and the city of Osijek in Croazia.


The project aims to reduce air pollutants and loads, in particular PM10 and NO2, and to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions caused by road transport and urban mobility.

To achieve these goals, four new car sharing models have been tested in small and medium-sized urban areas in Lombardy and Osijek in Croatia. For the trial 50 full electric cars were used in Italy and 8 in Croatia.

The goal is to test whether the new sustainable and shared mobility services are environmentally sustainable, as well as economically viable and therefore replicable in 34 other locations with similar characteristics.

Car sharing models

All car sharing models tested in Lombardy are based on vehicle sharing by different parties with the aim of optimizing and reducing the number of conventional internal combustion vehicles on the road and the atmospheric load of pollutants.

The car sharing models tested in Busto Arsizio and Bollate feature intermodality between E-Vai electric cars and the regional railway system. The vehicle is shared between commuters for the home-station journey and companies near the station or employees to reach industrial areas with poor public transport connections.

There is another car sharing model designed for tourists, which has been trialled in Como in order to encourage tourism with a low environmental impact.

Finally, the last model trialled in Bergamo involves car sharing between the municipality and citizens at different and compatible times: during working hours the cars are used by municipal employees for work assignments, while outside working hours and at weekends the cars are available to citizens.


With the goal of promoting sustainable travel among commuters, the I Share Life project also features integration between the E-Vai car sharing service and the regional rail system.

To achieve this goal E-Vai has established a partnership with Trenord that offers a promotion for season ticket holders to encourage intermodal travel (train + car sharing) with low environmental impact.