CarE-Service Project

E-Vai is one of the 15 partners of CarE-Service, the European project of the Horizon2020 program, which aims to define, design, develop and promote on the market a new business model, derived from the circular economy process, and innovative offerings to be implement to the sector of sustainable and shared mobility.

E-Vai has developed and promoted on the market a new business model of Car Sharing and 5 different offerings in relation to different types of customers and the sector they belong to:

E-Vai Easy Station Plus (CarE-Service model)

This business model is based on the optimization of the use of an electric vehicle, shared between B2C and B2B customers, which in the future will be composed of parts and materials reused, regenerated and recycled from other electric or hybrid vehicles.
In addition, two different types of offerings are provided within this business model:

  1. Commuter – every day they make the home-station-home route having the electric vehicle at their disposal from 18:30 to 8:30
  2. Company employees (based near the station) – every day they drive the last mile from station to company to station with the vehicle at their disposal from 9:00 to 18:00


E-Vai has developed, as part of the CarE-Service project, a shared mobility model based on certain fundamental principles:

  • 24/7 security and assistance
  • Exclusive use of the parking areas at the FNM group’s Lombardy train stations
  • Integrated service with local rail transport
  • Vehicle sharing, which replaces the concept of personal car ownership
  • Provision of a highly personalised mobility service to meet various mobility needs based on the customer’s target (private individual or company, groups)

E-Vai Public

The Car Sharing model dedicated to public administrations offers 3 different offerings very similar to each other in the way the service is used but different in the type of purchaser:

  1. Municipalities
  2. Universities
  3. Hospitals

Public facilities can decide to grant the electric vehicle also to citizens, students and doctors using the same platform and Mobile App, but always respecting the time slots of vehicle use.
The E-Vai Public model combines the benefits of shared mobility with those of electric mobility:

  • free access to limited traffic areas
  • free parking in paid parking lots
  • reduction of cars in circulation
  • reduction of CO2 emissions

E-Vai Corporate

It is the corporate car sharing service dedicated exclusively to the B2B target of companies, which will have at their disposal for all working hours (“8:00-18:00”) an electric vehicle bookable by employees via Mobile App to carry out company missions.
For the evening or the entire week-end, Companies can also decide to grant the vehicle to some employees for the company-home-company route as a company benefit.

E-Vai Corporate allows optimizing the company car fleet by increasing the rate of vehicle use thanks to the sharing of vehicles between employees and eliminating fuel costs.


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