E-Vai Public arrives in the Municipality of Bergamo! | Car-sharing Elettrico Regionale | e-vai
e-vai public arriva a Bergamo

E-Vai Public arrives in the Municipality of Bergamo!

The municipality of Bergamo is supporting green mobility by making four electric Renault Zoes available for shared use by its employees and the general public.

The cars will be used by municipal employees from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00 and by the public outside of working hours and at the weekends.

E-Vai Public allows the municipality to achieve different objectives: it cuts the number of circulating cars, slashes harmful emissions and offers an additional service for the public. Citizens are able to access a practical and speedy car-sharing service to move around the city (including Upper Bergamo), travel to Lombardy’s airports and visit other areas of the region.

All you need to do to get behind the while of an E-Vai car is sign up, free of charge, for the service and choose the package that suits you best: Silver, for occasional hires, and Gold, for frequent use.

Bergamo is one of the four sites taking part in the European I SharE LIFE project, which aims to prove the viability of sustainable shared mobility models in small and medium-sizes municipalities, in order to reduce the number of conventional internal combustion vehicles in circulation in participating cities, thus reducing pollution in the atmosphere.