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E-Vai Participating In European I-Share Life Project

The European I-SharE Life project, coordinated by FNM in partnership with ASSTRA, E-Vai, Nordcom, Poliedra, Dyvolve and the City of Osijek, starts today. The main objective of the project is to reduce pollution in the atmosphere by experimenting with an innovative electric car-sharing model. The project is innovative not only in its use of electric vehicles, but also in the fact that the vehicles are shared in different ways and at different time slots. It means that the project’s entire intermodal chain hits its zero-emissions target.

I-SharE LIFE aims to demonstrate the technological and economic feasibility of car-sharing service models designed for smaller urban areas, in order to facilitate the adoption of electric shared mobility in other urban contexts.

In order to achieve these goals, five different car-sharing service models have been proposed in four Italian municipalities: Bergamo, Bollate, Busto Arsizio and Como, as well as in the Croatian city of Osijek. In total, E-Vai are providing a fleet of 50 vehicles.