E-VAI: car sharing for companies

Discover E-VAI mobility solutions for businesses and professional workers

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E-VAI Business

Dedicated to professionals and companies that move in and out of the city and who want a pay per use mobility service

Simple: to access E-VAI Business just buy a prepaid package of hours of car sharing, which will then be used on consumption

Flexible: E-VAI cars can be taken at over 300 points in Milan and Lombardy, including airports and train stations, there is no limit to the number of drivers and cars

Affordable: The benefits of electric mobility are combined with those of shared mobility. No fuel costs, access to the C area of Milan, to the ZTL of the affiliated municipalities, and for parking in car parks with pay strips

Corporate Car Sharing

The all-inclusive service dedicated to companies and employees who want a shared corporate mobility and low environmental impact

All inclusive service: E-VAI Corporate car sharing includes electric vehicle rental, fleet management platform and keyless technology connected to the E-VAI App

Shared: the vehicles are shared in a pool between employees for business travel and can also be used for home-business trips and private, the company can decide whether to offer the service to its employees free of charge or at affordable rates

Smart: book and manage cars for work missions becomes easy and fast thanks to the fleet management platform and keyless technology connected to the E-VAI App

Cost-effective: Business mobility costs are reduced thanks to the benefits of shared mobility and the optimization of the company car fleet

The advantages of E-VAI car sharing

Keyless technological platform connected to the E-VAI APP

Electrical charging included

Possibility of picking up and dropping off vehicles at the airports (Linate, Malpensa, Orio al Serio)

Possibility of picking up and dropping off vehicles in Milan stations (Cadorna, Centrale, Garibaldi, Rogoredo)

Motor third party and Comprehensive insurance

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

Customer service active H24

Free access to Area C of Milan and to the Limited Traffic Zones of the participating municipalities.

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