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E-Vai announced as Terraforma Festival sustainable mobility partner

Now in its sixth edition Terraforma is an international festival held annually in the grounds of Villa Arconati, on the outskirts of Milan.

The Festival offers visitors an immersive experience where art, music and nature come together as part of a unique format which attracts always more people from across Europe every year.

Ever since its launch, Terraforma has been known for its focus on environmental sustainability, which it translates into tangible steps in the form of a clean-up and regeneration plan for the grounds, with zero-impact facilities and the use of renewable energy.

This year, Terraforma has chosen E-Vai as its sustainable mobility partner. Thanks to our electric cars, the festival staff and participating artists will be able to move around freely without having a negative impact on the environment.

The partnership is based around the values of sustainability and sharing common to both E-Vai and Terraforma and it aims to raise awareness of green mobility among the large number of participants.