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Welcome to the splendid Camonica Valley, a land rich in history, rock art and breathtaking natural beauty. Move with E-VAI, the sustainable smart mobility service that is revolutionizing mobility in Valle Camonica. E-VAI offers a convenient, accessible and environmentally friendly way to explore this extraordinary region.

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Costs and conditions

Transparent tariff

Choose the flexible rate with a base cost and progressive one-hour increments or use our cars for one or more whole days.

Rate Flex
16,80/ 3 hours

70km included

Rate Daily
33,60/ day

70km included

If you return the car to the same car park
If you return the car to an intermodal car park
Returning the car to a car park other than the starting one is only possible if you start the rental from an intermodal car park. Find out all the details
Each rental start destination may have different rules and benefits. Consult the rates page for more details on the costs and conditions of the start and end of the rental. Find out all the details

Rent a car even without having years of driving experience.

Move within the ZTL zones of affiliated municipalities.

Park for free in residential car parks and blue lines affiliated municipalities.

You can travel without limits throughout the European Union and Switzerland.

Return the car at the same time E-VAI Point where you picked it up at no additional cost.

We are also present in 3 airports and in the main ones railway stations in Lombardy.

E-VAI Point

Move smart in Valle Camonica

Find out where retire, reload e return a car. Take advantage of the municipal concessions and find out where recharge your car for free. We are present in the following municipalities:

  • edolo
  • Cedegolo
  • Head Bridge
  • Breno
  • Darfo
  • Pisogne
  • sulzano

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Bookable cars

  destinations, airports e railway station they could offer the possibility of booking different cars. Our fleet is made up of different vehicles, available in specific locations or geographical areas. See the page fleet to discover all the cars you can rent.

Full electric

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf it is a fully electric compact sedan that represents a point of reference in sustainable mobility. With its cutting-edge technical features, innovative equipment and convenient charging options, the Nissan Leaf offers an eco-friendly and cutting-edge driving experience.

In short (Italian only)
  • Power supply
  • 270km of autonomy
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • 5 comfortable seats

The Nissan Leaf it is equipped with a high efficiency electric motor which guarantees excellent performance. Thanks to a 30 kW full electric motor, offers quick acceleration response and electric torqueevafrom the first moment with a maximum speed of approximately 144 km/h. The super fast car, from 0 to 100 km/h in 11,5s, develops a power of 109 hp (80 kW) with a torque of 254 Nm which guarantees maximum safety and ease during overtaking phases. The Nissan Leaf, as well as a large 435 liter boot expandable up to 1.176 litres, is designed to ensure comfort and convenience for all 5 passengers that can accommodate.

With a length of approximately 4.450 mm, a width of approximately 1.770 mm and a height of approximately 1.550 mm, the car is positioned in the compact sedan segment, ideal for family trips.

La Leaf it is powered by a high-capacity lithium battery which offers considerable autonomy, up to 270 km of autonomy. With fast charging technology and multiple charging options available, you can charge your Nissan Leaf in a practical and convenient way.

The Nissan Leaf it is one of our best equipped cars equipped with a series of accessories that improve the driving experience and reflect the evolution of automotive technologies.

One of the most interesting accessories is the integrated navigation system and steering wheel controls, which provides precise driving directions. The rear camera is another useful accessory, as it helps during parking maneuvers. The look of the car is completed by the alloy wheels which give it a cooler design and precise trajectories.

The car is equipped with a traditional socket that allows it to fully recharge in 5 hours through a 6 kW wallbox or to increase the car's charge by 60% (going from 20% to 60%) in 1 hour thanks to the quick charging.

Full electric

Nissan Evalia

The Nissan Evalia combines the features of a versatile commercial vehicle with the benefits of a fully electric propulsion system. It is powered by an electric motor that provides silent driving without harmful emissions.

In short (Italian only)
  • Power supply
  • 250km of autonomy
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • 7 comfortable seats

The Nissan Evalia defined as a multipurpose vehicle thanks to its wide load capacity up to 742 kg designed to ensure maximum comfort, space and versatility for everyone and 7 passengers, making it also suitable for the transport of goods. The seating arrangement can vary, increasing the load capacity up to 4.2 cubic meters.

The Nissan Evalia offers a wide load capacity up to 742 kg designed to ensure maximum comfort for everyone and 7 passengers. This allows you to transport goods, equipment or materials necessary for business operations or to organize a trip with the whole family.

With his sliding side doors and the spacious tailgate, loading and unloading goods becomes easier. The 109 hp electric motor (80 kW) is supported by aautonomy of 200 km thanks to the installed 40 kW battery.

The Nissan Evalia It is equipped with an automatic transmission with B mode, Eco-Mode, heated seats and steering wheel, cruise control, 7-inch touchscreen, 3D maps, rear view camera, integrated Bluetooth system for hands-free calls, electric windshield wipers, ABS and EBD. It also has steering wheel controls with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

As for charging, the time needed for a full charge depends on the type of socket used and the charging system adopted. The parent company guarantees fast charging from 20% to 80% in approximately 60 minutes (with column delivering 50 kW). Using a wall box, charging varies from 3 to 6 hours for 100 km of autonomy.

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E-VAI Point

Discover all the car parks

A widespread network of car parks and charging stations allow you to move without worries throughout the region. Furthermore, you can freely use our cars throughout the European Union and Switzerland.

Sustainability and reducing carbon emissions are key. E-VAI is committed to offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional internal combustion means of transport.

The vehicle fleet of E-VAI contributes to reducing the environmental impact and preserving the integrity of the natural treasures of Valle Camonica. By choosing E-VAI, do your part for a greener future for this wonderful region. Thanks to the practical platform of E-VAI, you can easily reserve a vehicle when you need it, without having to worry about purchase, maintenance or insurance costs. The App E-VAI, available for download on your smartphone, gives you immediate access to a network of vehicles available throughout Valle Camonica. Share your car only for as long as necessary, saving time and money, and help reduce traffic congestion and the need for parking.

Valle Camonica is a land of incredible natural beauty, with majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes and a heritage of rock art unique in the world. With E-VAI, you can explore the panoramic roads that cross the valley, visit the characteristic local villages and easily reach the main attractions. Thanks to the vehicles of E-VAI, designed to offer comfort and safety, you will be able to fully enjoy the wonders of this region without worrying about the environmental impact.

E-VAI it is not only limited to offering an eco-friendly smart mobility service, but is also committed to promoting sustainability at a local level. Through collaborations with partners and organizations in Valle Camonica, E-VAI promotes initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation of the natural environment. By choosing E-VAI, directly support these efforts for a more sustainable future for Valle Camonica and its communities.

If you want to explore Valle Camonica in a convenient, sustainable and cutting-edge way, E-VAI it is the ideal solution. Use the fleet of vehicles, book a car via the App and enjoy a stress-free driving experience. Join E-VAI in the commitment to an ecological future and discover all the wonders that Valle Camonica has to offer, preserving and enhancing the natural and cultural beauty of this fascinating Italian region.


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