Sustainable corporate car sharing

E-VAI offers a complete solution to simplify the management of company travel through corporate car sharing. Thanks to the vast territorial coverage and the convenience offered, our sustainable smart mobility service allows companies to optimize the use of corporate car sharing, eliminating additional costs related to employee mobility, such as those relating to fuel and taxis.

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Discover the advantages of shared mobility

E-VAI represents a solution Advanced e innovative for companies that want to optimize the mobility of their employees. Thanks to the elimination of extra costs related to mobility, the increase in usage and the option to introduce smart mobility as a welfare, companies can benefit from a service efficient, convenient e planet. Discover the benefits of today E-VAI and offer your employees a cutting-edge mobility solution.

Why it's convenient for companies
  • Increase of the use of vehicles
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • saving immediate and efficient
  • Benefits welfare corporate
  • Sustainability of environmental tourism
Increase in vehicle use

By sharing vehicles among employees, E-VAI allows you to increase the utilization rate and optimize the company fleet.

According to industry studies, the average use of company vehicles increases up to 30% thanks to the implementation of smart mobility.
Reduction of operating costs

Thanks to a flexible and intuitive booking system, employees can easily access company cars when they need them, avoiding waste and reducing operating costs.

According to market research, companies that adopt smart mobility can save up to 20% on mobility costs.
Immediate savings and efficiency

One of the main advantages of E-VAI it is the real and immediate savings for companies. By eliminating fuel and taxi costs, the company can allocate saved resources for more strategic investments.

A study foundevato that companies that use smart mobility can achieve annual savings of over 15% on mobility costs.
Benefits welfare corporate

Smart mobility can be implemented as an innovative initiative of welfare corporate. By making cars available to employees also for private and home/work travel, the company demonstrates concrete attention to the well-being of its collaborators, offering them a convenient and sustainable mobility solution.

According to a survey, the 78% of employees consider smart mobility a highly appreciated corporate benefit.
Environmental sustainability

Smart mobility is part of a context of sustainable mobility, reducing the number of cars in circulation and CO2 emissions. By sharing vehicles among employees, you promote an environmentally conscious company culture and contribute to a greener future.

According to recent data, the implementation of corporate smart mobility can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to the use of private vehicles.



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Sharing is the simplest and most sustainable expression of moving. This is why we have developed a smart mobility service, even near you!

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