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Car refueling

3 simple steps to refuel our hybrid cars

If you also want to become part of shared and sustainable mobility, through a few simple steps we will explain the procedure necessary to refuel our hybrid cars in case of need.


Search a partner service station

You can refuel at any participating Q8 service station. Search for the Q8 station closest to you for quick and easy refueling. If you find yourself unable to reach a Q8 petrol station, you can still refuel at any other petrol station, the cost will be at your expense. Therefore, when refueling you will have to use your own payment method.


Contact us via voice or chat

Once you reach the service station, contact us by phone or through the Official App requesting assistance to refuel. We will provide you with all the useful information to activate the refueling card. Remember to refuel the car only with the correct fuel: E5 or E10 petrol.


Withdraw payment receipt

Always collect the payment receipt once the refueling operation is finished and place the receipt inside the glove compartment in the document holder brochure. Now you can continue or end your rental without carrying out any other operations.

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Start a chat

Do you need help?

If you need further information or have doubts about how to best use the service, we remind you that you can contact our team at any time. customer care available 24 hours a day chat, voice ed Email.


Online guides and assistance

Check out ours online guides e Frequent questions to find out everything about our services. Our customer care is always at your disposal 24 hours a day.

How it works

10 simple steps to enter the world of sharing mobility and help you use our service.

Car charging

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Consult the frequently asked questions and detailed guides to find the answers to all your questions.


Contact our 24-hour customer service via chat, email and voice.

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