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Car charging

5 simple steps to charge our electric cars

If you also want to become part of shared and sustainable mobility but it is the first time you are trying an electric car, through a few simple steps we will explain the procedure necessary to correctly charge our full electric cars.


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To recharge a car it is necessary to locate a nearest charging station. You can locate it via navigation apps like Nextcharge or GoogleMaps.

Please note that the availability of charging stations may vary depending on your location. If the car's charge level is very low, look for more than one alternative near you, as the charging stations could be occupied by other cars.


Fellow worker the charging cable

Once the column has been identified, it is necessary to connect the charging cable to the column and to the car. The charging cable is supplied with the car. You will find it in the rear trunk of the car. Open the door that hides the car connector, using the appropriate button located on the car.

Remember to first connect the end of the cable to the car and only then the other end to the column. Always make sure you have turned off the car correctly before connecting the charging cable.


Authentic the card

To start charging you need to authenticate with the charging service provider. You can do this via your card E-VAI present on board each rented car.

Always check that the selected column is not turned off. Treat the recharge card with care and do not lose it. The card is essential to access charging stations.


Check it out the recharge

After connecting the car and authenticating the card E-VAI, always make sure that the charging station is active and that the charging LED is blue.

If the LED on the column is red or green, please contact us by phone after carrying out the procedure a second time.


recharge in progress

Once authentication is completed, charging will begin automatically. The charging light on the vehicle will light up on the dashboard and the estimated time to reach 100% battery charge will be indicated.

If you connect the car to a public charging station, avoid possible fines by disconnecting the car when the battery charge is 100% complete.

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Car charging

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