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Smart Cities represent the future of urban life, integrated with advanced technologies to improve the quality of life of citizens and promote environmental sustainability. In this context, car sharing emerges as a fundamental element for shaping the Smart Cities of the future, offering innovative solutions for urban mobility.

What are Smart Cities?

Le Smart Cities they are cities that use information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve the quality of life of citizens, promote environmental sustainability and optimize the efficiency of urban services. These smart cities integrate advanced systems for transportation, energy, waste management, security and more, to create a more efficient, safe and sustainable urban environment.

The role of car sharing in Smart Cities:

Car sharing plays a key role in Smart Cities, helping to promote smarter, more sustainable and efficient urban mobility. Here's how this sustainable mobility system contributes to the success of Smart Cities:

  • Reduction of traffic and pollution: By offering an alternative to individual car ownership, car sharing reduces the overall number of vehicles in circulation in cities and helps reduce traffic and air pollution
  • Integration with other forms of mobility: Car sharing integrates seamlessly with other forms of sustainable mobility, such as public transport, cycling and ride-sharing services, promoting multimodal mobility and offering users a wider choice of transport options
  • Use of electric and hybrid vehicles: Many car sharing platforms use both electric and hybrid vehicles, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality in cities
  • Promotion of resource sharing: car sharing promotes the sharing of resources and the optimization of the use of public spaces, helping to create more liveable, accessible and sustainable cities for all citizens.

The contribution of E-VAI for integrated mobility in Smart Cities

In conclusion, car sharing plays a crucial role in the Smart Cities of the future, offering innovative solutions for urban mobility and helping to promote a more sustainable and efficient style of travel. By integrating car sharing with other advanced urban technologies and services, Smart Cities can create a smarter, safer and better urban environment for all citizens. An example of this is the active agreement between E-VAI and Trenord season ticket holders: where the Trenord subscriber accesses the car sharing service directly with his subscription code E-VAI with favorable conditions, and has the possibility to book and collect a car already at the station E-VAI thus promoting a system of integrated mobility.

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