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In the context of growing environmental awareness, many companies are exploring the adoption of hybrid vehicles in their fleet as an environmentally friendly solution. Like all paradigm shifts within a company, however, many new opportunities and benefits may correspond to some challenges to overcome.

Advantages of hybrid cars in the company fleet

In 2023 we have seen many large multinationals, especially in the United States, changing their existing fleet to a fleet of vehicles with fully electric or hybrid engines. The question arises: why did they do it? Let's explore the advantages together:

  • Environmental sustainability: The use of electric and hybrid vehicles reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, contributing to global efforts to mitigate climate change
  • Economic saving: Electric vehicles often have lower operating costs than traditional internal combustion vehicles, thanks to lower maintenance costs and cheaper electricity compared to fossil fuels
  • Government incentives: Many governments offer tax incentives and subsidies for the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles, further reducing upfront costs and incentivizing companies to take the step towards sustainability
  • Corporate image: an electrified or hybrid company vehicle fleet can improve the company's image, demonstrating a tangible commitment to the environment as a social responsibility action

Challenges of adopting hybrid cars for the corporate fleet

Although the adoption of a fleet of vehicles with an electric or hybrid engine can bring numerous entrepreneurial and social benefits, some peculiarities must however be taken into account:

  • Initial costs elevati: Purchasing electric or hybrid vehicles may involve higher initial costsevati compared to traditional vehicles, although these costs can be mitigated over time through operational savings or through car fleet rental
  • Charging infrastructure: The availability of charging infrastructure can be an obstacle, especially in less developed geographic areas. However, rapidly expanding investments are addressing this problem
  • Limited autonomy: Limited battery range is still a challenge, but technologies are advancing rapidly, progressively increasing coverage and reducing range concerns

The corporate electric car sharing of E-VAI

The adoption of electric or hybrid cars in the company fleet through corporate car sharing E-VAI it offers a series of advantages in both economic and environmental terms, as well as promoting low environmental impact mobility practices and improving the company image. In fact, the corporate car sharing tool can be a fundamental ally in terms of welfare company, as well as a good practice for corporate social responsibility.

Discover all the details and advantages of corporate car sharing.

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