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Home » Blog » “Move green”: E-VAI and the Province of Brescia together for sustainable mobility

The Province of Brescia and the BIM Municipalities Consortium are running the Move in Green project, financed by the national experimental program of sustainable home-school and home-work mobility of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security which has the aim of promoting mobility electricity in Valle Camonica. E-VAI car sharing is the operator that provides the service with electric battery cars.

The objective is to network the cycle path, the railway stations and the main sensitive points of Valle Camonica such as the Esine hospital, the main school complexes, the artisanal/industrial areas and the shopping centres. In essence, interconnect those places where there is a large influx of people who today mostly use private means of transport.

What area is included in the project?

The area involved in the “Move in Green” project includes the municipalities of the Alto Sebino-Valle Camonica basin.

In this area 7 focal points have been designated: Edolo, Breno, Cedegolo, Capo di Ponte, Darfo Boario Terme, Pisogne, Sulzano.
Each of these municipalities has its own relevaterritorial ance in infrastructural terms between school facilities, healthcare facilities, accommodation facilities, tourist destinations, commercial centres.
This area also sees the presence of the Oglio Cycle Route which, thanks to this "soft" mobility project, is strengthened thanks to the provision by the municipalities of electric cars and pedal-assisted bicycles.

What does the intervention consist of?

The “Move in Green” project has the primary objective of strengthening and connecting two strategic axes: railway and cycle path. This strengthening is amplified thanks to a designed system of "soft" mobility (electric cars and pedal-assisted bicycles), connecting the main strategic elements of the territory: school and healthcare facilities on the one hand, artisan and industrial centers on the other.
Not only. This project also has the ambition of encouraging tourism: by facilitating travel between the various locations, it allows for a better mobility service both for tourists and seasonal workers.
The realization of this project also aims to represent an opportunity to promote a concept of mobility that is not only integrated but also sustainable: on the one hand the aim is to reduce the use of private vehicles, on the other the intention is to guarantee the accessibility of eco-sustainable means of transport that reduce CO2 emissions.

The contribution of E-VAI in the Move in Green project

Thanks to “Move in Green”, the electric car sharing of E-VAI it is also present in Valle Camonica. Our service fits perfectly with the logistical and environmental objectives that the project wants to pursue. In fact, the car sharing of E-VAI makes it possible to reduce traffic in circulation, making the transport needs of local inhabitants and tourists more efficient. Thanks to its electric machines and zero CO2 emissions, E-VAI It has minimal environmental impact. It allows you to move around easily and above all conveniently thanks to the dedicated rates for the partnership with the Province of Brescia and the BIM Municipalities Consortium for the "Move in Green" project. The electric battery cars and vans dedicated to this Project, and related charging stations, are present in the municipalities of Edolo, Cedegolo, Capo di Ponte, Breno, Darfo, Pisogne, Sulzano.

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