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Home » Blog » Integrated mobility in 2023: what it is, how it has evolved and how to implement it in Lombardy

This is a process that requires agreements, partnerships and synergies between the various "actors" of the sector, from the parking system to public transport through those who offer vehicle sharing services in cities.

La integrated mobility it is a concept that is part of mobility, therefore it falls within the scope of personal transport for work reasons and personal needs. It is called "integrated" precisely because it aims to propose a journey with the integration and combination of multiple means of transport: train, car, subway, bicycle, foot, scooter and any means suitable for reaching your destination. The objective of integrated mobility is to produce the lowest possible environmental impact, mainly in terms of CO2 emissions. It is certainly a noble purpose but it is not always easy to achieve: you need to know how to organize yourself in the best possible way by choosing the right means of transport and matching their travel times to limit "waste" of time.

However, if we want more sustainable mobility it is important to ensure that integrated mobility is a reality and that citizens fully understand what benefits the community can receive. In Italy, and in Europe, it cannot be said that there have not been improvements in this field.
Let's see what the benefits are in terms of ethical and environmental but also economic value.

Integrated mobility: benefits

Integrated mobility has the main aim of reducing traffic and emissions from private vehicles. If we think about it for a moment, in fact, the regions most subject to pollution generated by means of transport, for example Lombardy, make increasingly frequent decisions to stimulate the use of public transport and limit individual mobility. These decisions have a dual objective: to avoid clogging the city streets with an excess of cars and to reduce air pollution, trying to improve the quality of the latter especially on the busiest days of the week.

However, in too many Italian cities citizens still prefer to travel by car and motorbike, not caring not only about the resulting environmental impacts, but also about the socio-economic consequences caused by the extreme use of private vehicles.

Integrated mobility: what to do

In recent years, local administrations and transport companies have become increasingly involved and sensitive to the issue, but it is not enough: we citizens must not forget our responsibilities regarding personal choices that impact the community in terms of environmental sustainability. In the decisions we make every day, in which we seek a compromise between convenience, savings and environmental awareness, we can try to contribute to sustainable mobility experimenting with the new services offered to us, overcoming distrust and mental laziness.
The means we can use to contribute to sustainable mobility are:

  • Walking (also called “gentle mobility”)
  •  Bicycle (muscle, also soft mobility, electric, pedal-assisted)
  •  Micromobility (electric scooters, segways, hoverboards)
  •  Public transport
  •  Car sharing
  •  Car pool

When cities accelerate the transition to one sustainable mobility they also become more attractive, they begin to be defined as smart cities and awaken the attention of investors and companies, including foreign ones.

Mobility integrated with E-VAI

E-VAI is a car sharing company, whose app can be downloaded from digital stores for Android and iOS. Its objective is to support integrated mobility by meeting public transport users: the company is in fact part of FNM Group and offers citizens various packages that combine the use of car sharing and the use of public transport.

E-VAI is attentive to the issue of environmental sustainability not only on the integrated mobility front, but also on the green one: in fact it is a station-based car sharing present in over 100 municipalities, in the main stations and in the 3 Lombardy airports, all the cars are equipped with electric battery, enjoying all the privileges dedicated to electric cars.

The service is simple and intuitive: just download the app, which is used to open the car, register and book the pick-up and drop-off time, plus energy is always included.

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