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Map of electric charging stations: e-mobility arrives on Google Maps to simplify electric travel.

Google Maps, the well-known Google map service, is now an integral part of the daily activities of any individual: with Maps it is possible to find out all the surrounding places of interest in a few seconds simply by doing a search with your smartphone.

For this reason, in addition to the location of restaurants, petrol stations and shops, Maps has decided to enrich itself with an additional function: the reporting of charging columns for electric vehicles in Italy and around the world.

In fact, there are more and more electric vehicles in circulation and charging is one of the fundamental concerns of those who travel in electric vehicles. Precisely for this reason, Google has decided to take an important step towards sustainable mobility by reporting all the charging stations in the area in a single map of electric charging stations.

Maps includes in its catalog all the surrounding charging points: both those managed by electricity companies or municipalities, and those managed by private car sharing services or car brands. This is a real revolution aimed at simplifying and facilitating electric and eco-friendly mobility.

The Maps update is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and works simply: to find the nearest charging stations, simply enter generic keywords such as “electric columns” o “EV charging station”. At this point all the surrounding charging stations will appear on the map with the name of the manager of each individual station.

Finally, with the latest Maps update, there will be further information regarding the charging station: from the number of dispensers present in the Hub to the charging speed of the individual columns. The purpose of this functionality is to facilitate and optimize electric mobility, a mobility that allows you to move comfortably while reducing harmful CO2 emissions and respecting the surrounding environment.

Electric mobility: why choose electric car sharing E-VAI

Electric mobility continues to gain traction, especially when it comes to car sharing services. In fact, there are realities like E-VAI, the first electric car sharing in Lombardy, who decide to focus on sustainable mobility by making up their fleets exclusively of electric and hybrid cars with harmful emissions reduced to a minimum.

E-VAI aims to create a connected mobility network at a regional level, in order to optimize and simplify travel with particular attention to sustainability. Because of this E-VAI is present with over 140 E-VAI Point throughout Lombardy near urban centres, extra-urban areas, places of interest, airports and main railway junctions.

With E-VAI you can travel easily throughout the Region without any urban limits, but also in the city center with the possibility of having access to Limited Traffic Zones, historic centers and car parks with blue and yellow lines thanks to the limited harmful emissions of electric cars.

How to start using cars E-VAI? Simply sign up for the service for free on the official website or on the App E-VAI and book a car. Furthermore, at this particular moment, E-VAI has dedicated to its customers a special promotion on the daily rate (valid for rentals exceeding 12 hours): with the new 24YOU tariff you travel safely in a car sanitized before each use for just €24 per day + €0,24/km.

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