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Corporate car sharing is not only a way to reduce costs and promote sustainability, but it can also be a powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent within a company.

The corporate car sharing tool can therefore become an important ally in terms of talent acquisition and employee loyalty, and can help create a more attractive and rewarding work environment.

Talent Acquisition through Corporate Car Sharing

Recent studies by companies specializing in recruiting and head hunting have noted that car sharing for companies can become a strategic incentive not only in the personnel search part, but also in the on-boarding and integration phase of new hires.

  1. Attractiveness for candidates: Offering a corporate car sharing program can be a differentiator during the selection process, attracting motivated and sustainability-conscious candidates who value the company's commitment to sustainable mobility practices.
  2. Benefits for new hires: Corporate car sharing can be seen as an added benefit for new hires, demonstrating that the company cares about their well-being and offers innovative solutions to improve their work experience
  3. Social integration: Using car sharing as a talent acquisition tool can facilitate the social integration of new employees, offering them the opportunity to interact and share experiences with colleagues while traveling.

Employee loyalty and retention

Corporate car sharing is also an excellent way to retain employees, thus reducing the turnover rate of internal teams and the costs that arise from it. In fact it can lead to:

  1. Benefits for quality of life: corporate car sharing can improve the quality of life of employees, reducing transport-related stress, optimizing travel times and offering flexible and convenient mobility solutions.
  2. Sustainability and corporate values: employees are increasingly sensitive to the sustainability and social responsibility policies of the companies they work for; Offering a corporate car sharing program demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainable practices, helping to strengthen corporate identity and employee pride.
  3. Economic advantages: Corporate car sharing can offer significant savings to employees by reducing the costs of owning and maintaining a private vehicle, as well as allowing them to split the costs of using vehicles with colleagues, especially when commuting to and from work.

Car sharing in the company is a solution that can no longer wait

In conclusion, corporate car sharing is not only a sustainable mobility option, but can also be an effective tool for attracting and retaining talent within a company. By offering innovative solutions and tangible benefits for employees, corporate car sharing can help create a healthier, more rewarding and loyal workplace, while promoting sustainability and corporate values.

Discover the benefits of Corporate car sharing!

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