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Sharing a company-owned car is a new way to create sustainable mobility and introduce a new concept of employee benefits: here's how to include them in the welfare company and why it is worth it.

What is corporate car sharing?

First of all, it is a type of mobility that has entered the lives of each of us and consists in sharing a car that is not owned by the person using it, but usually belongs to a car sharing company, which offers it for rent for a short period. This practice was born in Switzerland in 2001 and was adopted in Italy for the first time in the same year thanks to an initiative by Legambiente members.

Specifically, for companies it involves sharing a vehicle with colleagues, effectively owned by the company, without having assigned one to each individual employee.
The concept of the company car therefore evolves from an exclusive advantage of a few top figures to a shared benefit, in the name of the values ​​of inclusiveness in the professional field.

How does it work for employees?

So how does it work in practice? Companies usually make use of third-party companies that make the vehicles available to them and the platform through which employees - from desktop or mobile via app - can book their vehicle.

Using a single means of transport, employees can therefore plan work trips or home-office journeys by organizing each other. If the company includes this service in the plan welfare of employees, will be able to pay the cost of employee vouchers in installments.

Why and for whom is company car sharing convenient?

It is certainly a good way for companies to increase the efficiency of their fleet of vehicles, which are currently stationary for more than 80% of the time. Furthermore, the offer of smart mobility services is a leva of attracting the best talents, because it positively contributes to work-life balance.

Not only that: this obviously also has an impact on CSR, i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility. The company, in fact, demonstrates that it makes decisions that generate a positive impact on the community and not only for itself, and improves its reputation in the eyes of consumers.
Finally, sharing an important tool such as a car can encourage collaboration between colleagues.
And is company car sharing worthwhile from an employee's point of view? Certainly yes, because by dividing the cost of the trip with colleagues it has been shown that you can save up to 1.200 euros a year and reduce the hours spent in traffic or looking for parking. Furthermore, a shared car involves fewer worries related to maintenance or, better yet, these are also "shared" with the company.

Why include company car sharing in your plan welfare?

In fact, among the advantages for the company we can identify others in addition to those already mentioned:

  • promote sustainable mobility and improve work-life balance;
  • attract new talents, especially younger ones, who are very attentive to the issue of environmental sustainability but not only;
  • reduce harmful emissions both because the vehicles made available are often electric or hybrid, and because mobility is shared;
  • use of a centralized, innovative and technological billing and maintenance system.

And the company also draws important benefits from this shared mobility solution, not only because it frees up financial resources thanks to the efficiency of the fleet, but also because sharing the journey between colleagues can become an important opportunity for growth in professional and interpersonal relationships , which encourages team building and discussion between different professional figures.

Do you want to know the solutions of E-VAI B2B proposals for business and corporate car sharing? Visit the page dedicated to corporate car sharing and discover all the advantages.

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