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Also for the 2023 edition, the European Mobility Week returns. Let's find out what it consists of, what this year's theme is and what E-VAI does to promote sustainable mobility on this occasion.

Why is European Mobility Week celebrated every year?

Because change is possible. And to do this, it is not necessary to undertake sensational actions: many small gestures repeated over time are sufficient to change one's habits.

Every single day our actions have direct consequences on the world around us: what each of us does in everyday life has an impact on society, the environment, the economy, health and other facets of life.

For example, there are many people who, every day, move around the city or between one country and another, both for work reasons and during their free time: this implies an important use of both public and private transport.

Given this situation, with a constantly moving community, it is essential to consider the effect of the transport sector on the environment and identify strategies that can bring benefits to the ecosystem and humanity.

And this is why the European Mobility Week was established.

What is European Mobility Week?

Founded in 2002 in a stable manner to promote change among citizens, it aims to urge institutions to adopt permanent measures in the field of mobility to reduce the use of cars and encourage sharing mobility, walking, the use of bicycles and public transport. The ultimate objective is to reduce the pollution generated by huge CO2 emissions, accessibility to transport and the recovery of public land as an asset to be shared and preserved.

This year's event takes place from 16 to 22 September 2023 and aims to promote sustainable mobility through various thematic areas brought together under the macro theme "Save Energy". Local governments are encouraged to use this week to experiment with innovative approaches in urban planning, promote new mobility-related infrastructure and technologies and monitor air quality.

With the participation of countries and cities steadily growing every year, and thanks to its considerable media coverage, this initiative is universally recognized as a driving force for progress towards sustainable urban mobility both in Europe and beyond its borders.

European Mobility Week 2023: the guidelines

The theme of the European Mobility Week 2023 is, as mentioned, "Save Energy".
It is of fundamental importance to save energy through sustainable urban mobility because we are in a time of energy poverty, caused by rising raw material costs affecting both citizens and businesses across Europe.

After the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, it became a priority to reduce dependence on Russian oil supplies and move towards sustainable energy sources. This process, at the same time, will lead Europe towards a climate-neutral future by 2050.

At the center of this edition, we find 5 thematic guidelines for 2023:

  • Public transport
  • Active mobility
  • Minimize car dependence
  • Mobility management – ​​mobility management
  • Infrastructure solutions

1) Public Transport

Using public transport, the backbone of any transport system, can help reduce emissions and energy consumption, especially when powered by green energy sources.

2) Active mobility

In urban areas, trips of less than 5 km can be done on foot or by bicycle in 30 minutes. You can save energy and improve your psycho-physical well-being.

3) Minimize car dependence

It takes more will to get around without a car. The annual cost of owning a private car is frequently underestimated: fuel costs, maintenance and wear costs, fixed costs related to insurance and road tax.

4) Mobility management – ​​mobility management

Reduce the number of individual cars on the road. This is possible not only by using public transport more, but also by sharing a ride with other people thanks to car sharing and car pooling.

5) Infrastructure solutions

Making infrastructure more efficient allows you to reduce CO2 emissions and therefore have a positive impact in terms of eco-sustainability.

Mobility management: E-VAI gives its contribution with a special promo!

Electric car sharing by E-VAI, which sees among its founding principles the promotion of a mobility service with low environmental impact, does not hold back and indeed relaunches its offer during the European Mobility Week 2023.

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